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So Thursday was Fifth Thursday Dance in Rusted Woodlands. Sir Tanaka made all the fighters break from fighting and dance. in their armor of course. The A&S exhibit was small, but very good.
So Friday was supposed to be a night up at the Garden State Model Railway Club Well I get up their and find out my friend Joe who is in the band Rewind is performing over at the Grande Saloon in Clifton, NJ. Anyway trundled over there for a bit, and got to listen to some great 50's 60's music.
Saturday was a run a bunch of errands and stay at home day. Not much happened.
Sunday afternoon was the benefit show at Monday Night for David Oliver. I asked [ profile] la_peregrina to accompany me, which she did. Also in attendance where my kids and their friends. Afterwards we went to the Washington Square Diner, which is the hang out for the staff and magicians. So we had the opportunity to speak to a few of the performers. After dinner I escorted the lady to her apartment back in Queens. Still made it home in time to see Game of Thrones, and Penny Dreadful.
this week will be another one of those simply packed weeks until the weekend. I of course will try to report on that when I have time to breathe.


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