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OK, got back to this.
So last Tuesday was a Lodge meeting. Business was dealt with.
Wednesday was Model Engineers Club. not much to report.
Thursday was a business meeting for Rusted Woodlands, it appears that Sir Tanaka has volunteered us to host a novice tourney on July 19. I of course cannot go because that is the date for Audrey and Eamon's aufruf (pre-wedding thing at the synagogue for the members of the congregation).
Friday was the other Model Railway Club. Again not much to report except they are having a party for the members on Saturday the 14th.
Saturday - Park Ridge Town Picnic. The masons have something called the ChIP or Child Identification Program. What it is is the accumulation of data on a child, with the parents permission. They collect height, weight, characteristics, fingerprints, bite registration (with a DNA sample), photographs and a short video of the child. This is all put into a envelope and handed back to the parents. They have this if for any reason something should happen to the child (kidnap, lost, etc), and the police can use this to help identify or maybe even trace the child. We processed about 40 children that day. We hoped to do more, but it was not a bad turnout. Afterwards went up to Audrey and Eamon's for barbecue and to hang out.
Sunday did chores (food shopping, laundry, etc), and then went back up to the kids place for some more barbecue.
This past Tuesday had a Board of Directors Meeting of the Model Engineers, and the new president kept us going for a while setting his stamp in place. Should be good going forward.
Thursday I have to go into Manhattan for a meeting. So will be spending time at 30 Rock.
That is all for now.


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