Nov. 30th, 2008

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So the Model Railroad club I am in opened up for our annual open house Friday evening.
So of course stuff starts to go wrong.
Friday night a turnout (that is what allows you to move a train from one track to the other) blows up. Well not literally, but it broke. So we are repairing this turnout while the show is going on. We finally get it fixed an hour later.
Saturday we started having electrical problems in a bunch of places. Some of it was just dirty track (easily fixed), and I see some places where we have to put in bonds (this is a jumper wire where two pieces of rail are joined, this is a bigger job). Then we completely lose power in a section of the mainline trackage. Come to discover that two wires in the control panel have broken (some nimnutz had used solid wire instead of stranded in a location where the wires have to bend). So replace those wires, and discover another one had fallen off (bad solder joint). Fixed all that and we appear to be good to go.
So lets see what today brings (quickly knocks on wood, to prevent any more gremlins from showing up.


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