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This past weekend I and my kids went up to Chemung County, New York near Elmira. Back when my late wife Eileen and I first discussed how we would want to be dealt with after death, we both agreed on cremation. She wanted to have her ashes scattered in the mountains, I wanted mine dumped out of the back of a speeding train (ever the railfan). We have dear friends that live up that way and they have a very wooded lot that abuts on an old abandoned christmas tree farm. Near the border of that land was her favorite spot to go and meditate. With the help of my son and daughter we placed her in her favorite place. So as I said some thing are finally done.
On Monday Fulton-Friendship Lodge was the host lodge for the Third Masonic District in New Jersey. The district marched in the Montvale-Park Ridge-Woodcliff Lake memorial day parade. Afterwards we fed them all. So guess where I was through all this. In the kitchen and manning the grill. I think we fed them sufficiently.
Tuesday was Fellowship night at the lodge, and ritual practice. We will be raising a couple of brothers to Master Mason in a few weeks.
Wednesday was the annual meeting of the New York Society of Model Engineers. this is also when we have the annual elections for the coming year. Yours truly was re-elected to the position of shop-steward for another year.
Thursday will be Fifth Thursday Dance for the Royal Forest of Rusted Woodlands (SCA). They are combining this with an A&S display. We'll see how that all works out.
That is all for now.
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But life must go on, and I have a need to write.

This past week I was not home one evening.

Monday: My mother lodge (you see I am a Freemason) in New York, was hosting the visitation of a number of brothers from a lodge in Vienna, Austria. So I picked up a brother from my New Jersey Lodge, and off we went to Whitestone Temple. The reason we went was because my lodge was going to do the work (ritual) in German, and this particular brother though German had never seen it done here in the states in his native tongue. Also met up with my Mom and Dad there (my dad is a Freemason also), so got to spend a little time with them.

Tuesday: Board of Directors Meeting - New York Society of Model Engineers (NYSME). Long discussions about various upcoming items.

Wednesday: Work Night NYSME - Helped Bob Lavezzi one of the other members mount a new switch motor in the Railway Express area of the layout. A lot of fiddling around.

Thursday: Went to visit a masonic lodge in Ridgefield Park, where they where raising four brothers to the sublime level of Master Mason. They did a great job with the work.

Friday: NYSME was hosting a slide show presented by Rich Taylor on the Lackawana Railroad from Hoboken to Binghampton. Lots of pictures of the old Phoebe Snow in various locations across New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Went out with the guys from Garden State Model Railway Club (GSMRC) afterwards for a bite to eat.

Saturday: This was the big one. Garden State / New Jersey divisions of the North East Region of the National Model Railroad Association meet down in Middletown, NJ. Lots of great clinics on various modelling subjects. Afterwards layout tours. Went to see on gentleman's layout where he was modeling the Western and Atlantic Railroad from Atlanta, GA to Chatanooga, TN in 1863. That is correct 1863. Yes he had to do selective compression, but it is totally believable. Forgot my camera, but took a bunch of picture with my iPhone. Will probably uploaded them to my FB page later. Visited three other layouts including one that was running G scale "Live Steam" in the backyard. Was smelling steam oil for at least an hour afterwards.
Afterwards shot back north and went to a house concert performed by Heather Dale in a SCA members house in Paramus. This was absolutely great, and I picked up a bunch of her albums. Yes I liked the music that much.

Sunday: Spent the morning doing laundry. Yeah chore day. Got a call from my son and his fiance that some friends from Middletown, NY where coming to his place in Suffern, NY. Wanted to know if I wanted to join them for dinner. So of I went. We went to Temptations in Nyack, NY. We got together with some other friends afterwards for desert. I think a good time was had by all.

That was the week that was.

So tonight i am staying in. Have a lot of stuff to catch up with on the DVR.


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